New Twitter: Two-Pane User Interface

Twitter on Tuesday at the Big Night event at San Francisco unveiled a redesigned UI for the micro-blogging platform. The new design supports a two-pane user interface, whereby multimedia enhancements like photos and videos capabilities are enabled. It's built around a second pane on which users will be able to view contents, such as: pictures and videos in user profiles and geolocation information.

However, Twitter CEO, Evan Williams hinted that the new version will be made available to some users immediately, while the general implementation will follow-up in the coming week.

Evan Williams, sited the purpose of the redesign as to make the service easier and faster for users. It's centered around seamless implementation of features for users convenience - thereby making users spend more time on its pages. And users have the option to opt-out of the service completely if they so chose during the preview period.

The new interface rich media features: embedded image and video capability is perhaps the most attractive of the offer, making access to pictures and videos possible within the timeline page.

General opinions, however, points to the fact that Twitter indeed lends a listening ear to users suggestions and recommendations, as to the new enhancements.
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