Google Chrome 6 Speed Hits Top

The sixth version of the Google Chrome that made debut on September 3 - the stable release for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux is acclaimed to be 17% faster than the previous version, Chrome 5. The benchmark score as obtained by Computerworld Support, makes Chrome 6 the fastest version of the browser with JavaScript capabilities.

According to the report, Chrome 6 is treading a little behind the browser-speed leaders - Opera and Safari latest versions, Opera 10.61 and safari 5.

Chrome director of product management, Rakowski, asserted the value of speed performance on the launch, and as one thing Google values, stated that speed really matters.

As the speed race tightens with Opera, Safari and Chrome closely tied, and Mozilla Firefox beta 4, also not left-out, being only 29% away from the speed evaluation of Chrome - may perhaps spell another browser wars, given the scheduled release date of Microsoft IE9, September 15. The developer preview of IE9 have been competitive with Opera, Safari and Chrome in JavaScript trials.

And Mozilla plans on-the-other-hand included that the next version of Firefox will work to score within 20% of Chrome 5, Google's Chrome previous version on SunSpider.
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