Facebook Security: Remote Log-out Feature

Facebook has announced a new security feature that enables user monitor different login sessions on their account and to remotely log-out from any device according to a release note made available on Thursday. The new feature allow users to know if they are still logged into a different computer or device, and enables them to remotely log-out, thereby eliminating the risk of account hijacking.
The feature affords users log information on recent account activities: last time of login, device logged into, location and the operating system of the given device.

To access the new feature, users are enjoined to view the account tab - then navigate to account settings, and click on change option by the side of account settings. Facebook advices users that in a situation whereby any foul-play is noticed on an account, they should click on 'end activity'.

The remote log-out feature is not yet available to all users; however, Facebook have indicated the planned roll-out to all users in the coming week.
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