Facebook Feature Page Browser

Facebook has announced a new feature termed 'Page Browser' according to a post on Friday on its official blog. The page browser feature give Facebook users quick view of community pages on the social networking platform and news feed information from such pages.

The idea conceived by Ben Blumenthal, a Web designer at Facebook, is to create a tool that will enable exploring of pages on the service - as browsing the web or browsing movies for rent, users can now browse Facebook pages.

The page browser is accessed at Discover Facebook Pages; it presents an array of thumbnails of user pages. Hovering over the thumbnail with the cursor, will pop-up a like button, and clicking the button will automatically add the news of the given community to your news feed. Also available are list of your friends and links to the community that you mutually like.

However, Facebook is quick to add that it awaits users feedback, even as the new feature evolves.
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