YouTube Video Resolution Hits 4K

YouTube announced support for 4k-resolution video (4094 x 3072 pixels) at the 2010 VidCon Conference in Los Angeles, California which commenced Friday according to a report on its official blog. A resolution which is about four times that of most HDTV (1080p), and slightly above IMAX projected films at 2k format.

Ramesh Sarukkai, YouTube Engineer, in the report stated that such high resolution requires considerable high bandwidth for the needed speed. And to view any video in a source resolution above 1080p, tab 'Original' in the video quality pull-down menu most be selected.

As most home users with the right connection will require a projector capable to run 4k-resolution video, in other to enjoy the service. However, there is the possibility of lowering the bit rate as obtainable in the HD video compression hoop.

Although, resolution of 1080p remains the top rate in most HDTV, higher pixels are apportioned to filming hardware. The original video projection being 360p is now a  far cry to today's standard, sure a sign of the pace of technological breakthrough.
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