WebM Video Codec Now Open

Google has commenced revision on the VP8 codec released June according to a report on the WebM Project blog on Thursday. In a bid to making it more stable and to finding ways to speed up encoding and decoding of  the VP8 codec, Google has opened it up for WebM community to contribute by making available an 'Experimental Branch' of the source tree.

Though VP8 debuted as a developer preview, Google aims to arrive at a fixed format for the technology to be incorporated into hardware.

The VP8 bit-stream (sequence of encoded information) represent the area of change in the experimental works. And the changes to VP8 that will produce the best video codec possible will eventually adopted in the new version of the codec.

Also, works are included that aims to translate VP8 into low-level programming instructions for faster performance.

Google is perhaps mindful of increasing competition it faces from H.264 in the area of quality and speed. And especially, in building into it camera to record the video.
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