HTML5 Speed Compliance - Opera Mini

Opera Mini latest browser release, Opera 10.60 beta for Windows, Mac and Linux is bundled with HTML5 related improvements emphasizing on speed according to the Changelog. And also additional HTML5 features included in the alternative browser are next generation video and audio codec (WebM), geolocation, App Cache, and Web Workers.

The release note also added that Opera 10.5x final have been skipped, but all its new features are included in Opera 10.60.

The company in the release note claimed an improvement of 50% speed compared to the older version. However, benchmark test result are yet to be added as to whether the result is obtained in speed comparison to the Opera 10.60 Alpha or the current stable version, V10.53.

The alterna-browser new beta also got an interface tweak, which includes: custom thumbnail, Icons for Opera Features, More visible menu button and new search suggestion for selected providers.
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