Google Docs For Mobile Devices

Google has extended support for its Docs viewer service to Android, iPhone and iPad according to a report announced on its official blog on Monday. The document formats supported includes: pdf, .ppt, .doc, and .docx (Ms Office 2010 format that replaces .doc).

Google Docs offers Cloud-based data storage, thereby making it accessible from anywhere, provided there is an internet connectivity. And thereby eliminating the need to download files. The feature will definitely endear the service to many business professionals.

The service can be accessed by going to portal from your mobile device. And with the mobile viewer you can quickly switch through pages, pan/zoom within a page.

Google is perhaps taking its battle for Office suite functionality to Microsoft by this latest release, as it strives to make Google Docs an effective alternative to Microsoft Office. And given the extension of the service to mobile devices and its web-based application, may well be the magic wand it required.
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