Chrome: Developer Build Supports WebM

The new Chrome dev build launched Thursday came bundled with support for WebM - an open-source web optimized video format, according to a release on the Chrome blog. The open source video technology enable browser to feature cutting-edge video streaming capabilities without publishers paying for the service, a technology which many have touted as the standard codec for HTML5.

Video streaming is now a core web experience, and as not much open standard video format is available to meet the commercial implementation calls for the Chromium introduction of WebM, making it the third major browser to include support for the next-generation technology.

Also, Google have included support for VP8 video codec and Vorbis audio codec - loyalty-free as part of the Chrome dev released Thursday for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Google also published an update to the beta channel to fix bugs that affected its stability and crash when changing network. However, it fails to indicate when support for WebM will be extended to the beta version.

Developer preview of WebM and VP8 have been made available, including source code, specifications and encoding tools, at the WebM project Portal. For guide on getting involved in the project see Chromium project release.
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