Wave Gone Public - Google

Google Wave, a web collaborative and chat service launched by the internet giant mid 2009 is now available to the public as part of Google Labs according to a release on its official blog on Tuesday. The service when made debut was available only by invitation to individuals and a handful of Google Apps customers.

The service is now much more faster and stable than the preview version, making it easier for users. Added features include: email notifications, extensions gallery and permission management options.

Stephanie Hannon, Wave product manager, described the social platform as a place to get work done, particularly for team working on a project that involve close co-ordination.

Google Wave API for developer now have additional components and several other improvements according to the report. Beyond the API release, the wave code, including the rich text editor, is now open source. Developers can also extend the code to build their own alternative Wave clients.

The APIs are in Labs as a measure to stay flexible when creating a whole new paradigm in web based communication and collaboration according to Google.

Simply sign-in using your Google account goes the public invitation, and for Google Apps administrators at a business or school, you can now easily enable Google wave for all your users at no extra cost.
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