Skype: Google Voice Support

Google has extended additional support for Skype by enabling exchange of Google Voice number as Caller ID for Skype. Skype users can now set Google Voice number as their Caller ID and have the recipient see that as their number.

Also the feature of receiving SMS found on Skype for mobile devices which before now was not available for Google Voice has been resolved.

The new feature can be activated as follows: access the Skype Feature page and sign-up for making outgoing calls using Skype. Then go to the Account page and click on Caller ID, there you have an option to set your Google Voice number for Caller ID. Then enter your Google Voice number and Skype will send an SMS with a verification code to your Google Voice. Enter the verification code in the Skype Caller ID page.

And after that you can then make outgoing calls with your Google Voice number set as Skype Caller ID. Alternatively, you can forward your Google Voice calls to Gizmo and then to Skype, which eliminates the need to purchase a Skype number.

Android users can utilize its native App to enable the feature. While iPhone users have a web App for Google Voice.
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