Mozilla: Weave Turns Firefox Sync

Mozilla Weave, a browser synchronization add-on for Firefox is billed for re-branding into Firefox Sync according to a release by Mozilla developer, Tony Chung. The preview version still in beta tends to emphasize the name change and notable feature enhancements.

Firefox Sync 1.3, the final release version will include support for Fennec (Firefox Mobile version), also bookmark backup that follows initial sync, and synchronization for more Firefox interfaces. In addition to new production server clusters built to handle larger loads, and improved response time with sync, the full version will include a crypto wrapper (Java based) to enable syncing with Mac 64-bit and Linux PPC desktops among others.

Syncing will equally be available to several mobile devices like Android and Palm Pre according to the release note.

Chung, however, added that Mozilla plans to integrate Firefox Sync 2.0 with Firefox 4. And that it will be highly publicized.