HTML5: IndexedDB Support For Firefox 4

Mozilla developers' new site for Firefox 4 in a release Thursday confirmed the purported inclusion of HTML5 standards in the new version of the open-source browser slated for launch on June. According to the release, Indexed Database API (IndexedDB) - the proposed standard for HTML which provides local database store for web application will be included.

The IndexedDB addition to HTML standard is opening new possibilities for web developers. It gives web applications way to work even without a network connection. Mozilla in addition mentioned a full list of new technologies still under development on its developer page.

Mike Beltzner, Director of Firefox, stated that works are going on in collaboration with Microsoft on the implementation of IndexedDB as well as on the specification, and aims to ship it with Firefox 4.

Mozilla is moving to a new parser to handle the task of bringing improvements to the rules on how to interpret web pages. Indeed, the HTML5 standard is exerting competitive pressure on Adobe Flash Player, albeit that its specifications are not yet finalized.
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