Google Pac-Man: Open Standard Rules

Google Doodles had surfaced on its homepage at virtually all holiday celebrations adorning the logo of the commemorated occasion. And to mark the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man (an iconic video game launched 1980), comes a very creative and interactively playable Pac-Man game as its homepage logo.

Google has built from scratch, a fully-playable version of the game with the complete 255 levels and authentic sound and graphics.

Now, the catch: the Pac-Man clone on Google homepage is built on HTML, CSS and JavaScript - three open standard tools, purportedly tipped to replace Flash.

Could Google intends an open endorsement of the open standards, by creating a widely accessible version of the game without the intensive Flash technology? Or is it a take-on on Apple at its game?

However goes the answer, guess HTML5 game development may definitely catch the fancy of rather erstwhile conservative mobile game developers.
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