Google: Internet-Enabled TV Plan

The much rumored Google TV plan is now near reality as reports from Google insiders tipped the official unveiling of the Android-based Television at Developers Google l/O Conference in San Francisco on 19 - 20 May. A plan which is purportedly a follow-up to Yahoo's move earlier last year.

Google TV is an internet enabled TV run on the Android operating system, the unique Android platform is known as Dragonpoint OS and its believed to deviate from the dessert-themed versions already available. And it will come with Google search integrated to the system, and possibly running Chrome browser and open source platform. It is designed to bring internet contents: web search, App support and video streaming capabilities to the big screen.

Its hardware is believe sourced from Intel's atom processor and the technology is made dynamic - able to run in numerous formats: Set-top boxes, Blu-ray Players and TVs. Google TV software will come embedded with game consoles and next generation internet technologies.

Also Qwerty keyboard and remote is said to be in-the-build by Logitech for the new device. However the plan works, Google TV may perhaps revolutionize the big screen into a multi-task capable web terminal.
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