Google Goggles Feature Translate

The Android app, Google Goggles, now has a new feature: image-based text translation, according to an official announcement on the Google Mobile blog on Thursday. The feature comes with the newest version of the app, Goggles v1.1.

Whereas, the initial prototype, unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier in the year could only read German text, the full feature enhance by improved barcode recognition can read English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Also able to translate to many more languages.

It allows user to point mobile phone camera at any image-based text and get it translated into selected native language. Through the advanced capabilities of the new Goggles v1.1 which includes enhanced barcode recognition, large artwork collection, recognition of Logos, and improved user interface coupled with the ability to initiate visual search using images in phone picture gallery, adds more to the functionality of the new app feature.

While extending the recognition to other latin-based languaged are expected to follow shortly. However, works are going on to make it avaialble for non-latin language variants like Chinese, Hindi and Arabic.

Google Goggles text translation demonstration is made available thus: Get a direct barcode link, after downloading the latest app version, v1.1. (which is available for devices running Android 1.6 and other higher versions). Then open the app and aim your phone camera to a text. And for a better translation, you can crop to the specific words you need translated by using a simple crop tool via the on-screen icon.
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