Google: Encrypted Search Option

Following the scuffle in the controversial Google's disclosure of collecting internet usage data across Wi-Fi hot spots, the company on Friday in a blog post announced plans to encrypt search results starting next week.

A claim which it purportedly admits using in its geolocation services and street view program, albeit invading users privacy without their consent.

Google earlier in the year encrypted all Gmail users account following the cyberattack on its server originating from China.

Although, Marrisa Mayer, Google VP search product and users experience hinted the encrypted search feature in a question and answer session at the company's annual stock-holding meeting on Thursday, however, declined to provide details on how the feature will work.

Gmail encryption followed the diverting of users traffic to the secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS), and how general web traffic to its search portal will be directed on the same secure route will really be an internet security plus.