Firefox 4 Set For Release - Mozilla

The next face of Firebox browser is already warming up for release according to a Webcast by the open-source organisation on Monday. Mozilla plans to release the beta 4 next month and to be followed by the final version come November.

The new features billed to make the next version rock includes: speed, fuctionality, and control, according to outlines presentated by Mike Beltzner, the director of Firefox. Mozilla 's speed focus and specific performance metrics are to be based on how users actually perceive them.

Beltzner, however, confirmed that there are also major changes and technology enhancements the company hope to incorporate in the new version.

Mozilla has dropped the earlier idea of doing an interim edition, Firefox 3.7, purportedly slated for mid-year release. Instead, the next version of Firefox 3.6 will include main features scheduled for Firefox 3.7 - notably, technology that split plug-in process from the core browser.

Beltzner's presentations were also made available in a blog post, outlining Mozilla's main goals.

Also outlined in Mozilla goals includes, native 64-bit versions for Windows and Mac OS X to hardware acceleration using Windows' Direct2D API, and support for multitouch and new parser to interpret HTML5 code.

Speed and performance are key areas Firefox 4 will definitely address.