Chrome: Stable Release For Linux

The beta label has been removed from the latest version of the Chrome browser. The first stable version of Google Chrome for Mac OS and Linux is now available according to the Chromium blog post today, which before now was available only on the Windows platform.

The stable release of the browser has been upgraded to v5, and available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The Chrome V5.0.375.55 comes with improved bookmark management and sync options. And supports extensions, theme, and browser preferences across system. It runs on the latest stable update of the Chrome JavaScript engine, v8.

The Mac version provides seamless native Mac application experience, high performance and stability according to the release. Chrome for Mac comes fully-featured and extensible - with more than 4,500 extensions in the gallery.

Also, the browser comes with full HTML5 support and features such as geolocation APIs, drag and drop capabilities and web sockets. However, Flash Player plug-in which was integrated into the beta build was completely left-out in the stable version.

The developers channel on-the-other hand have been elevated to version 6, but not much changes to the earlier version.

Chrome's latest leverage on all major platforms may perhaps usher in another browser wars. And given that it already claims third place in the browser market steeply after Mozilla Firefox, Google is bound to intensify its promotional strategies.