Google Search Site Ranking By Speed

Coming as no surprise, Google Webmaster Central blog on Friday announced the introduction of a new signal in Google search algorithm - Website Speed. In line with Google's philosophy - the faster the better, website loading speed reflects how quick it responds to query.

Real-time contents streaming has called for increased demand for site speed - and generally, a variety of free speed evaluation tools have been afforded to check and improve on site performance. Such free speed evaluation tools includes: YSlow - site speed evaluator from Yahoo, and Firefox/Firebug add-on called Page Speed. Also, the site performance log thats part of the Google Webmaster Tools labs.

Webmasters on-the-other hand have been called upon to avail themselves of these free tools to improve on the speed of their websites. As failure to optimize site speed will inevitably results poor ranking on Google search.

However, Google was quick to add that the speed signal does not carry as much value as the relevance of a page, stating that only 1% of search queries are affected by the site signal in the current implementation and that the speed signal only apply for search queries in English on
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