Facebook: Connected Profiles And Pages

As if treading the path of collective-information sharing pioneered by Wikipedia - Facebook have announced two new features to its social networking services, Community pages and connected profiles service, according to its official blog post on Monday.

The new features aim to linking profiles to pages of interest and affiliation, with profiles now serving as a map of users interests. The service according to the blog report will initially run by displaying information gathered from Wikipedia, with users subsequently contributing to the service information.

The Community pages feature will serve as a shared knowledge base - page dedicated to topics or experiences that are owned collectively by the community connected to it. Facebook users will be able to learn more about a given topic of interest or experience, as in the instance of cooking or learning a new language. They can also connect to community pages of their school or location based on the interests they entered in their profiles.

How Facebook intends to scale through the massive information generated by users to arrive at an individually suitable and useful contents remain an illusive task. However, given the possibility of tremendous world information locked-up in Facebook, such a drive into accessing and harnessing them becomes impeccable.
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