Security: Gmail Alert Against Intruders

Google in an effort to curtail the incessant security challenge on its email platform, Gmail,  has introduced an automated notifier against suspicious account activities. The new feature notifies Gmail users on login attempts by an intruder, thereby augmenting existing security controls, and protect users account from hackers.

The feature follows a recently launched 'Last account activity' information link, all part of Google's effort to protect its email users against intruders hijacking their accounts.

Google engineering Director, Pavni Diwanji, stated that there is the possibility of linking the IP addresses of the suspicious activities with a specific individual or location. A measure that may well serve as a sure means of apprehending such cyber criminals. An automated system matches the relevant log of IP addresses of broad geographic locations and per Gmail privacy policy, determines when to display such messages.

However, these notifications are meant to warn users of suspicious activities on their account and not a replacement for internet security 'best practices.' As the new alert feature does not afford a comprehensive defense, users are advised to guard their privacy even more.
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