Open Web Standard: HTML5 And IE9

Microsoft's recent toolkit that allow developers to create web applications to store data locally or on the web, really calls to point a shift in the company's stance on open standards. As before now, Microsoft have been criticized for not supporting modern open web standards, which in turn have given rise to third party browser vendors like Firefox and Chrome.

Open standards have been proven to feature a more compliant browsing experience for users and better support from developers standpoint. Also making it possible to alternate browsers without having to worry about sites not responding properly.

However, tech analysts generally are of the view that Microsoft is bound to make an open announcement in support of open standards in its beta release of internet explorer 9 at the upcoming MIX 2010 conference. The open standard, HTML5 is expected to be one of the standards to be included in the conference.

Microsoft declined to comment on the claims - though enough tractions go to support the view. However, we will have to wait the proceeding week to tell.
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