Microsoft Preview: IE9 Platform Unveiled

The much anticipated peek into the IE9 platform was unveiled Tuesday by Dean Hachamovitch, GM Internet Explorer at the MIX 2010 Conference. In what was termed Internet Explorer 9 Platform preview - a new platform on which the browser intends to deal with the web, adding support to newer web technologies (HTML5), described the preview as only a framework, with the updated preview version expected in eight-weeks time.

According to the release, the project will develop into beta and eventually the full version - IE9 following an eight-weeks interval. The new software released framework is still lacking a 'back button'.

The new browser version will support web technologies such as Plug-In-Free Video, enhanced graphics, JavaScript and SVG support. Also new standards to be supported includes latest update in Hypertext Markup Language for Webpages and Cascading Style Sheets for formatting (HTML5 and CSS3).

Microsoft hopes to take-on the browser wars to the forefronts with heightened and renewed interest in open web standards, technologies which it purportedly shunned previously. Albeit, now making those standards the framework of its latest product IE9.
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