Google Research: Education Related Search

Google has embarked on a new project to harness the amazing research capabilities of internet search - ideal for students research on subjects for tests papers. Google director of research, Peter Norvig, revealed in a presentation to the Search Marketing Expo - SMX West 2010.

Though the project is still in the early stage, Norvig iterated Google's thinking in line with exploring 'education search' and helping students to access data organized on concepts and ideas. The speed and precision with which information are mulled over internet searches need to be incorporated into the educational process - that is, curriculum based research.

Google research project tends to support long term learning process , rather than a minute answer to a given query. The idea behind it, however, stems from concern on 'deep reading' culture of young adults who have grown into the internet age.

This latest Google research innovation is very much welcome, given the vast pool of knowledge available over internet search and appropriate if harnessed to help students arrive to their true research destinations.
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