Geolocation: New Facebook Privacy Policy

Michael Richter, DG Counsel of Facebook on a blog post on Friday announced a new proposal for revision of Facebook privacy policy and statement of rights and responsibilities to allow access to location information and permit general information sharing with approved websites on its platform.

He further added that the change is to make way to accommodate new products, and also improve ways users share and connect with the people and things in their lives.

Given the controversy trailing its earlier privacy reviews, it had afforded users the opportunity to review the proposed changes in its entirety and provide their thoughts on its Site Governance Page. And users have till April 3 to give their feedback.

However, as the changes also applies to access to third-party-sites and applications, whereby users data: comprising name, pictures, videos, general information and list of friends on their account are make public really calls for caution. And given the possibility to tagging friends location in pictures or video, as well as name, may pose some identity theft issues.

While Facebook intentions are not clearly stated-out, the possibility of opting out as contained in the proposed changes - applying to third-party-sites and applications, required to 'delete all data' if a users so requests is quite assuring.
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