Chrome: Nex-Gen Browser Plug-In API

The Chromium Blog on Tuesday announced plan of incorporating Adobe Flash into its Chrome browser through the integration of a plug-in API. Google intends to distribute Flash with its Chrome browser, integrated into Chrome sandbox.

Flash Player have been the major platform on which a wide range of applications like games, video and enterprise Apps are run on the internet. But, given the high rate of security vulnerability and incompatibility issues of current browser plug-ins, Google have embarked on a partnership project with Adobe to help define next-generation browser plug-in API, with the sole aim of addressing the shortcomings.

Analysts have viewed the move as a plus for Adobe, given the steep competition from HTML, JavaScript and CSS standards. On the-other-hand, Google VP Engineering, Linus Upson, added that the project is expected to encourage innovations in both the HTML and plug-in landscapes, improving the web experience for users and developers alike.

The Flash Player experience in Google Chrome integration have been initially made available in the developer channel, with the full functionality to all chrome users to follow later. And developer are advised to run Chrome with the enable-internal-flash command line, to enable the built-in version of Flash.
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