Android Gets Opera Mini 5 Browser

Android users have something to cheer about as Opera Software announces the release of the beta version of Opera mini 5 for Android in the company blog Thursday. The new platform according to the post supports features such as speed dial, compression through opera's server to speed-up web site downloads, and 'tabbed browsing,' bookmarks and password manager.

Opera Mini 5 dramatic speed loads sites faster than the pre-installed Android browsers on both the Droid and the MyTouch 3G.

Also, the browser delivers a desktop like web interface on mobile similar to PC's - as Mini is configured to work on non-smart phones with less capable screen, and slower internet connections. But, given that newer smart phones come with alternative browser bundles, such as Apple's iPhone OS and Palm Web OS, the company faces steeper challenge.

However, this latest move to expand its hold on the Mobile browser market is viewed by analysts as timely - given the Androids vantage position. The mobile browser can run Java applications and is also available for Research In Motions BlackBerry models, and supports Windows Mobile 5 and 6.
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