Windows 7 RC Timed-Out

Brandon LeBlanc of Windows team in a blog post early last week announced that users of Windows 7 Release Candidate will on February 15th receive a notification reminding them that from March 1st, 2010, their PC will start experiencing bi-hourly shutdowns, except they install the Full version of the new OS, or revert to their old version.

The shutdowns will continue through to June 1st, according to the report , afterwhich a non-genuine experience will trigger whereby users wallpapers are removed and the tag: 'this copy of Windows is not genuine' displayed on their systems. Also leading to the inability to obtain optional upgrade and downloads that require genuine Windows validation.

Microsoft, however, have advised that users should upgrade to the released full version of Windows 7 before the automatic shutdowns begin, to avoid total data lose. At this instance, users are left with only two options: to revert to their old version, or upgrade to Windows 7 through a Full install.

The re-install process to the old version for users who opt-out of the upgrade is contained in the Microsoft support page.
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