Platforms War: Flash Vs HTML5

The platforms war heated up by the battle between Adobe and Apple over bringing Flash to the iPhone and iPad has generated debate over the continuance of Flash technology given emerging newer technology - HTML5 standard. Flash has indeed become a standard in itself, as virtually every operating systems: desktop and mobile, and every Web browser now requires it.

On the other hand, HTML5 been pioneered in 2004 by the WHATWG; HTML5 incorporates Web Forms 2.0, another WHATWG specification, and now becoming mainstream in Web browsers and Websites, with the top three browsers - Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome, all containing elements of HTML5 technology. More so, also now delivering almost the same features and functionality that developers rely on Flash technology for. Could this pose any danger to Flash evolvement?

In comparison, however, proprietary vendor lock-in plugins in the Flash technology, as against a protocol standard - not a single-vendor solution available for HTML5 is an advantage. The open-source alternative, albeit a great effort, HTML5 is not a threat to flash. Flash affords Cross Browser crap for the developer coupled with great looks, smooth performance and binary protocol transmition (AMF) plus Cloud Appications (AIR) is indeed irreplaceable. And HTML/JS is unsuitable for any serious game application.

In conclusion, HTML5 maynot be replacing Flash as the two technologies can be complimentary. Adobe can reinvent Flash - enabling the authoring tool output to HTML5 frames and allow that to be an option when saving Flash content. In fact, HTML5 to gain enough traction to truly threaten Flash may take a very long time.
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