New Chat App Interface - Facebook

Facebook's rather odd many tabs chat interface is now replaced by a new chat interface with the ability to collect all messaging clients in one window, making it easy to have more that one conversation at a time, according to its official blog post on Wednesday. The new interface has support for Jabber/XMPP, an open protocol supported by most messaging clients, such as: iChat, Miranda, Pidgin, Meebo, Adium, also including AIM.

Also built-in is support for Facebook connect for developers wishing to add the chat experience to their websites, desktop or other messaging applications. For instructions on how to get connected, see Facebook Chat section of the site tour.

Also connection to Facebook chat outside of the network is made possible by the new App, as authentication through XMPP is completely seamless. In other words, you will not need to stay logged in to Facebook to continue to access your Facebook friends. Among its cool features are: ability to adjust friends list to determine which shows up in chat, and option to make your conversations private - open only to your Facebook friends.

This latest move by Facebook on the heel of Google's entrant into the social networking hub is really remarkable. And a very positive one, considering the enormous popularity of chat applications.
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