Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 Series Debut

Microsoft at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain - Monday announced its latest entrant in the mobile phone hot-spot by unveiling the new mobile version of its Windows Operating System. The software tagged Windows Phone 7 series is built with mobile device in mind from the scratch, unlike previous Windows experience.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO, introduced the Windows Phone 7 Series as the next generation of Windows phone with a different kind of experience, as regards speed and how people connect seamlessly. Designed for life in motion, with holistic smart design system, breaking the mold of static icon - setting an integrated experience on a phone via the Windows hub. It offers an always-online access to email, Xbox game, Bing Search, among other tools.

The Bing search option comes with a special implementation that provides intent-specific search results based on the most relevant web or local contents. Also, the hubs - partitions in the software that enable users to group similar contents, delivers an engaging social experience from popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. In all it has six hubs, built on specific themes reflecting individual user activities: Peoples, Games, Music + Video, Market Place, and Office.

Perhaps, most significantly, the Windows phone 7 series is a fresh start for Microsoft Mobile - as it struggles ahead of competitors, namely: Apple with iPhone, Research In Motion with BlackBerry and Google's Android. However, the phones will be available by the Shopping season Holiday - first Quarter 2010, according to the report. And customers can register for early availability notifications here.
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