Google Rolls Out Buzz

As part of Google's drive to harness the endless stream of social informations on the web, follows Tuesday's announcement of Google Buzz - a social communication hub, encomprising Gmail and Google Mobile. Buzz Web application for iPhone and Android makes it easy to post Buzz updates to Mobile devices.

Google Buzz turns existing Gmail contacts as Social network list. It automatically enables user to follow the people on Gmail contact and publish ideas, as well as share important web-links, videos, photos, and comments on trending topics. You can also import stuff from Twitter, Picasa, Flickr and Google reader. Google is positioning Buzz to easily integrate with other open services and applications.

Unlike other social hubs - Google is aiming the Buzz to serve as an information center rather than an entertainment vault. It tends to deal with social information same as web informations by filtering it to arrive at the most relevant content.

'Bridging the world of social communications and productivity is very powerful,' echoed Sergey Brin, Co-founder of Google - in keeping to the believe that organizing the social information on the web is now a large-scale challenge. And if nothing less, Buzz is a fully open platform , as developer are hereby called to join on Google Code to view what's available and for participation.
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