Location-Aware Mobile Search - Google

The official Google Mobile blog post on Thursday announced 'Near Me Now' Search option for Android and iPhone mobile devices. The new feature is designed to help users find more local informations about certain popular search terms and make search easier on Mobile devices. However, users must first allow their mobile device to access location data, which is done through the Settings link toward the bottom of Google's mobile search page.

Google's obsession with speed search comes into focus in this new search innovation, as it serves to make search faster and easy on mobile devices - by minimizing the need to type text, something that has never been easy on tiny mobile device keyboards.

Furthermore, Geolocation is evident in the new feature as it allows users find out more about what's around them - local information.

The 'Near Me Now' link appear below the search button on the Google mobile search page, and clicking the link returns a list of local points of interest. To search other categories of places not shown, 'Browse more categories' provides access to google's local search product with more choice of categories. The 'Explore right here' option works only if the mobile device provides sufficient and accurate location data.

The new feature is currently available in the US for iPhone (OS 3.x) or Android powered devices from version 2.0.1 to later.
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