Internet Trends: Predictions For 2010

As the new year rolls-in, Questechie as the tradition goes, peeps into its Crystal ball to unveil the trends expected to dominate the internet for the year 2010. With the relative success of the 2009 predictions - the gloating rights, we can lift our shoulders high in listings of 2010 predictions.

Authenticity: I expect to see more users turn to third-party authentication services instead of direct log-in, services like Facebook Connect, Open ID, and Google Friend Connect will be more popular. However, in the three favorites authentication services listed above, we are ticking Google friend Connect to rule.

TV Streaming: YouTube is well placed to be a network TV streaming powerhouse - given Google's dominance on the internet technology sphere.

Aggregating Technology: Enhanced real-time news aggregations - Twitter and FriendFeed and possibly, more attention given to location-based references. And as Google's obsession with real-time search is heightened, we expect more Apps to support the services from the 'web technology leader'.

Networking: Social networks will extend more frontiers - Twitter and Facebook tipped to continue the lead in innovative features and harnessing the power of local information.

Let us know your predictions on internet trends for 2010 in the comments...
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