Google Search Technology: Query Answers

New search innovations were unveiled on Friday by Google Search with two improvements based on Google Squared and Rich Snippets, two approaches to improve search by better understanding the web - announced at the second Searchology event. Google has been working to address the deficiency that search results fails to go far enough to present users with the answers they're seeking by providing more structured information for certain types of queries.

These latest search improvements applies the research behind Google Squared to add a new 'answer-highlighting' feature to search, and expands Rich Snippets to include events. It automatically identify and extract structured data from across the Internet, and thereby afford highlighting helps to get information more quickly by seeking out and bolding the likely answer to your question right in search results.

The features are meant for search queries with factual answers, instance given - 'what is the political party of president Ford?' The the search snippet will more often include the relevant text and bold it for easy reference, if the pages returned simple answers.

The Rich Snippets format improves search results by including links to specific event names, dates and locations. And events markup is based off of the hCalendar microformat - hCalendar is an open, distributed calendaring and events format suitable for embedding in HTML, XHTML, Atom, RSS, and arbitrary XML.

Marking up content is not guaranteed that Rich Snippets will show for all sites with event listings, however, a gradual approach is being taken by Google to incorporating the new event snippets to ensure a great user experience with more developments in Rich Snippets throughout the year.