Google Docs: More Space On Cloud

The official Google Docs blog on Tuesday announced that in few weeks time, Google Docs users will be able to store more of their important files online, where they can access them easily. The new feature will enable users to upload, store and organize any type of file in Google Docs from any computer - all that's required is an Internet connection. Files that can be stored includes photos, movies, music, and ZIP archives, all of which will be stored on Google's servers.

Google subsequently is also increasing the size of individual data uploads whereby Microsoft Word documents users will be limited to 500KB, and 10MB for PowerPoint presentations and PDFs, the new limit for all other files that cannot be converted into a Google Docs format is 250MB.

Google Docs users also get 1GB of free storage for files that aren't in one of the Google Docs formats, such as documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Additional storage, however, will cost 25 cents per GB per year.

The cloud storage feature is certainly good news from Google Docs, allowing users to access their files between computers - with the same permission based sharing system it has for documents that it hosts, allowing users to share files with one another. Could this be a possible replacement for USB drives?
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