Streaming TV? YouTube On Primetime

Google's foray into new frontiers may spell trouble for iTune and other internet TV streaming website operators, as YouTube is already trying out movie rentals, and also wants to get into TV streaming services according to a report by All Things Digital on Tuesday.

The report has it that YouTube has been trying to convince the TV industry to let it stream individual shows for a fee. Meanwhile, YouTube already lets users watch a handful of TV shows for free, but only laced with adverts.

Google is well placed to be a network TV streaming powerhouse - given its dominance on internet services and strong followership. However, the biggest stumbling block may be consumers, in that Google is talking about streaming the shows instead of letting consumers download them to their computers - whereas the networks and studios, which control pricing, will want to sell the streamed shows at the same price as downloads.

YouTube, as viewed by analysts may skirt the issue by launching a TV rental business instead. How ever it proceeds, YouTube pay TV definitely fall into trends expected on the Web for 2010.
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