Malware Threats! Windows 7 Vulnerable

Sophos senior security advisor, Chester Wisniewski, in a blog post revealed that Windows 7 is 'vulnerable' to 8 out of 10 known viruses. The test findings were obtained by Sophos team planting ten instances of known malware onto a PC running Windows 7.

Despite Microsoft's hyped claims, Windows 7 disappointment came just like earlier versions of Windows. However, the company was fast to respond to this results: Microsoft accused the security industry rival of exaggerating the tests results that purported to show security features in the new Windows 7 operating system fail to block 80% of malware threats.

Microsoft's director of Windows Enterprise Client Security, Paul Cooke, stated that Sophos' methodology was flawed, in part because the testers did not take advantage of Microsoft security tools, such as Internet Explorer's SmartScreen filter (SmartScreen filter will notify a user when attempted download software is unsafe), that are not directly part of Windows 7 but to which an ordinary user would have access.

Cooke, however, agreed with Sophos' recommendation that Windows users need run anti-virus software on their PCs, irrespective of platform, including Windows 7. Microsoft Security Essentials, includes an anti-virus component, and its a free download.
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