Google Search: New Interfaces, Movies And More...

Google's VP, search products and user experience, Marissa Mayer, in a report on Search Engine Land last week stated that new search option features were introduced and designed to eliminate inconsistency in how Google presented search results. As the new search results page now brings more search options and brighter displays than what was formerly the experience.

The new search options appear in the left-hand column: replacing the former 'All results' area that allowed you to switch between different types of searches (images, news, maps and so on) with new tabs for these services. Google by default guesses at the modes it thinks are most relevant to users search. But the 'More' tab gives you access to the full range of search services Google offers. If you need Video mode, and that’s not automatically suggested, you can select More, choose Video and get those results.

Also additional to the earlier enhancements: a mobile version of Google Search results for movies, making it even easier to find the latest holiday blockbuster playing in your area. From the web browser on your iPhone, Palm WebOS, or Android-powered device, simply search for (movies), and then tap on the 'More movies' link - then you can either browse a list of movies or select the 'Theaters' button to view a list of the ones near you. Also there is the added functionality to play trailers right on your phone, access movie ratings, find the closest theatre, and view upcoming showtimes, this new search feature is sure to make entertainment options on the go much easier.

However, most users are actually still viewing the new user interface in the wild. Google Blogoscoped has instructions on how to enable the new feature.
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