Beta Version Of Chrome For Mac

Google Chrome product manager, Nick Baum, in a mailing list on Wednesday tipped off plans for release of Mac beta of Chrome in early December. Till date only the 'developer' preview version of Chrome has been made available for Linux and Mac users.

The new version is to feature customization through extensions, a technology that long has been a core asset of most open-source browsers: notably Firefox. The new extensions presentation technology called BrowserActions enable users interact with extensions through a small button. Browser actions can be used to put icons in the main Google Chrome toolbar, to the right of the address bar. In addition to its icon, a browser action can also have a tooltip, a badge, and a popup. Browser Actions only work on Windows and Linux right now.

Baum, according to the post, tipped that the deadline for the beta version will be early December. And Google is on the case for adding Browser Actions to the Mac version of Chrome. However, cross-platform parity with Windows and Linux versions will be enabled, Baum added.