Xoopit Integration With Gmail Ends

Xoopit, an online aggregator of media files, whose services were once available for Gmail users is to be discontinued. Yahoo acquired the company late July, and on Friday noted to users of Xoopit that the Gmail integration of its service would soon be disintegrated.

According to the note, the company says one of the main reasons for the shutdown of Gmail accessibility to the service is to enable the team focus on making a better version of its product for Yahoo Mail.
However, Xoopit users have until November 13 to grab any media from Yahoo's servers, after which it will no longer be available. Yahoo will continue to hold on to all users' data until next year February to comply with its 90-day data retention policy.

Yahoo is also discontinuing its Firefox add-on and facebook integration for Gmail - a browser add-on that let users view attachments in their Gmail accounts as a file explorer-functionality that has since been replaced by some of Google's Gmail Labs add-on.
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