Windows 7 Features Extolled Amidst Launch

Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows 7, was highly extolled in the Thursday Launch party at New York. The new OS took center stage as it was formally unveiled to the world.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO, was fast to point-out the unique features of the Ace OS - as comprising all things that Vista is not: Windows Vista being the failed version, mainly because of its intrusive security features, heavy horsepower requirements, and incompatibility with many older versions of software programs.

Microsoft added to some versions of Windows 7 an 'XP mode' that emulates Vista's predecessor, to boosts its compatibility with other programs.

Basic support for new input modes, such as touch-screen computing, was also added to Windows 7, according to the report. Ballmer stated that Microsoft engineers took into considerations the emotional, technical, and visual attributes the software required to succeed. Ballmer noted that there isn't just one killer feature, but rather many things that appeal to different users.
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