'Starter' Version Of Office In View

Microsoft, in a blog post on Thursday stated that the starter version of Office will be part of the Office 2010 family, slated for release next year, and will be made available only on new PCs. The starter version of Office will have limited features, mainly Excel and Word, according to the post. Microsoft has announced plans for several new ways to obtain the software, including an ad-supported "Starter" edition that can come loaded on new PCs.

Office Starter will have full file compatibility with Office as well as features like the 'Ribbon' user interface, as seen as a replacement for Words. Microsoft corporate vice president, Takeshi Numoto, albeit, stated in an interview on Thursday that it is not a mere renaming of Works. It is an Office product.

However, analysts Perceive Microsoft move as trying several ideas to better compete with free rivals such as Google Docs.

Microsoft Office 2010, will also offer a free, ad-supported version of Office that runs in a Web browser. Microsoft had also experimented with a free, ad-supported version of Works in recent years.
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