Plugin Check For Firefox Launched

New service tagged Plugin Check, was announced by Mozilla on Tuesday to help Firefox users to track updates on select popular browsers plugin. Plugin Check takes the platform of Web page that displays information about plugin updates of visitors' browser plugins.

The service is purported to be in-built in the Firefox 3.6, slated for release November - and tracks a limited number of 15 plugins, though additional coverage is planned. When visiting a Web page with Firefox 3.6, users will be notified of recent updates in the plugins used by the site.

The launched came on the heel of Mozilla claims that 30% of all Firefox crashes came from third-party plugins, and subsequently called on Firefox users to update outdated versions of Adobe Flash. According to Mozilla, 99% of Firefox users have Flash installed and about 75% of those installations not updated. Adobe's Flash software, as well as its Acrobat and Acrobat Reader software, is top on major stability problems due to old version plugins and frequently targeted by cyber-criminals.
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