Latest Enhancements to Yahoo Search

Yahoo in a blog post on Tuesday highlighted enhancements to Yahoo Search, which calls to question the earlier deal to sell its search assets to Microsoft. A deal which if passes regulatory review, will have Microsoft as the exclusive provider of search results on Yahoo's Web pages, although Yahoo will retain the right to control the way those results are presented.

Yahoo vice president and general manager of search marketing, David Pann, stated in the post that the new search enhancements fall into four major areas: innovation, transparency and control, value, and consumer relevance.

Innovation: falls on search retargeting and Rich Ads in Search products, Transparency and Control: on Ad Delivery Report, which lets advertisers see where their ads are showing on our various partner sites and how their traffic is performing. Value: falls on pricing model to better align what advertisers pay with the value of the clicks they receive, while Consumer relevance: is on new search results page which gives users tools to discover new information, explore related concepts, and filter search results by specific sites and types of content such as people, videos and discussion forums.

'Does Yahoo! still care about search?' The answer is: emphatically Yes. Indeed, Yahoo is in the midst of a grand transition as a company and we all earnestly awaits what the new change will bring.