Twitter Voice Call Beta Launched

Twitter users will be able to initiate a two-way voice chat with other users according to a new third-party offering from Jajah, a VOIP company, known as 'Jajah@call' which goes into beta Today. It is enabled by typing "@call @username": where "username" is someone's Twitter ID or any Twitter client. The company said, the calls will be limited to two minutes for the beta period. However, it seems the two minute period after which the call will end serves as the equivalent to 'verbal tweet'.

There are several applications that allow users to create 'voice-to-text' Twitter posts, known as tweets - notable among them is SpinVox. But it does not appear that anyone has yet made it possible to initiate voice communications directly between Twitter users.

The voice call launch came on the heel of an earlier announcement this week by Facebook that users will now be able to communicate with each other via voice, using a third-party application from Vivox. it's clear that there is a strong interest, among service providers, at least, in taking leading social networks beyond strictly text communications.
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