New Beta Version Faster On HTML5 - Chrome

In a blog post on wednesday, Google Chrome announced the released of a new beta version of Chrome, numbered According to the report the new updated beta is 30% faster than the Google's current stable release, according to V8 and SunSpider benchmarks.

Glen Murphy, Google software engineer, stated 'that in addition to improved JavaScript performance, Chrome handles network data more efficiently. Google Chrome is now smarter about prioritizing the requests for the new page - for instance, fetching text, images, and video for your new page - ahead of the requests from the older pages'. The latest Chrome beta also features an improved New Tab page that provides greater privacy by allowing users to specify the Web page thumbnails displayed.

Chrome has begun to include support for HTML5 features like HTML video tags and 'worker' background scripts. However, support for bookmark sync - synchronization code would start appearing in developer builds over the next few days as reported in the Chromium Mailing list.