'Linux Crowd' Prefer Google Search To Bing - Survey

According to an analytics report released by Chitika, an internet marketing network, Linux users overwhelmingly chose Google as preferred search engine to the enhanced Microsoft Bing.

The statistical data puts Google at 94.61% ahead of Bing. Google overwhelmingly soars ahead of Bing, despite its rising profile and the numerous privacy issues associated with the incumbent search engine. While it's not surprising that Linux users would shun a Microsoft-sponsored search engine, the fact that they so heavily congregate around just one search engine, however, is a bit stunning.

Perhaps Google's staunch position in the search business accounts for the wide choice accorded it by this highly disparate community. The Linux community being the crowd behind literal thousands of Linux distributions cutting across Open source apps, after all, is centered on viable alternatives.

Chitika analyzed data from 163 million searches conducted across its advertising network between July 30 and August 16 to come-up with the above graphical results.
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