Internet Security Alert! Botnet On Twitter

The internet security firm Symantec in a blog post on Friday reported that Twitter accounts were uncovered that serves as the command center for harnessing a 'botnet' of virus-infected computers. The researchers found an account, @upd4t3, which was tweeting out links to download a piece malware called Downloader.Sninfs (also known as Infostealer.Bancos). However, the account has since been suspended by Twitter.

The microblogging site was completely drowned in a centered denial-of-service attack last week that was targeting a Georgian political blogger. Facebook and the Google owned Blogger were also hit by the attack, but only Twitters suffered a fall-out, hours-long outage, and it again called into question the security of the service.

Downloader.Sninfs is a Trojan that disguises as a Brazilian banking website to steal passwords and related personal information from infected computers. These Trojans are used to steal logins, passwords, PINs, check words and other information from bank websites. There are plenty of alternative social networking sites on the Internet that could also be used as a similar medium of communication, according to Symantec analyst Peter Coogan.
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